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Professional Arborists At Tree Felling Group,we ensure that all our staff are trained professional tree arborists. Using a trained professional arborist is essential as any mistake when servicing trees can lead to significant problems. While immediate hazards can include property damage or injury to surrounding people. Open wounds on trunks, poorly maintained trees all leave the […]

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With Tree Felling Group, you are in great hands. We are here for all your tree felling harare (including stump removal) We cater all trees, including large and difficult trees. Call Kavin 0713 591 630

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Tree Felling Group is located in Harare and provide premier tree removal Harare, tree felling Harare prices, tree pruning. Land clearing, tree felling westgate, boomsloping blufhill, tree removal services in glenlorne in Zimbabwe. Also in tree felling Harare North, tree cutting services harare and tree stump removal harare to homes and businesses. What sets us apart from our competition would have to be our pricing and reliability. We are miles away from other tree service companies in terms of these factors. Therefore, our tree technicians are fully licensed, insured and bonded. So although we provide our own custom service, we adhere to the strictest tree service industry standards and tree felling machines/tools – stihl machines.

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We are honest, reliable, professional, experienced and so much more! Ask any of our residential or commercial customers and they will all make the same positive remarks about our workmanship, the speed, our friendliness and of course communication. Tree Felling Harare, tree cutters Harare however provides professional and insured guaranteed services for Tree Cutting Harare Prices in Harare. It’s very important that a harare tree service company you hire understands your needs perfectly otherwise you’ll be unsatisfied. They should also be outfitted with state of the art equipment used for tree removal, trimming and stump removal and PPE.

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This is important because use of older, out-dated tree felling equipment could result in delays toward your tree work in Zimbabwe being finished and even an accident involving a person or your property. We have always been able to avoid issues like this by continually reinvesting in our company by purchasing new and powerful tree equipment and also adhering to industry wide safety procedures. Therefore, this way we can take care of your tree service, safe, fast, and efficiently.


tree stump removal experts.
tree stump removal experts.

This days, pricing is as important as ever. Henceforth, everyone is price conscious; Harare Tree Service stands out because of our simple yet unique reasonable pricing setup. We have been able to develop a solid reputation in Harare because our pricing is fair and the quality of our tree work is very high. We don’t want to lose customers, it’s always been our focus to either service your trees year round or service your trees each year during the spring and summer months. Also, by being fair to our residential and commercial customer base, our customers keep coming back year after year.


Tree cutting in Harare is a service that we pride ourselves on. Not because we like to tear down beautiful trees but because we have become so skilled, experienced and efficient at tree removal harare. Over the years our tree technicians have developed time tested procedures combined with our modern equipment that make things go very smooth. Trees fall for many different reasons. These could include:

• Damage from weather (rain, lightning, and wind)
• Old age

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Whatever the reason may be, we’re very confident that we can remove any size tree for you in any situation. We have removed trees and large branches from power lines, garages, roofs, buildings and cars. You name it, we have removed it also. Our tree removal technicians are fully licensed and also insured.


Tree Pruning is a very delicate price thing to do. Therefore, each species of tree may need a different method. So it’s very important that whomever you hire to provide tree pruning or trimming for you, they know exactly what they’re doing. We provide Mnt Pleasant tree pruning every month of the year as well as annually during the spring and summer for residential and commercial Harare clients.

Trimming Methods/Techniques | Boom sloping Avondale
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Tree trimming or pruning requires proper, precise tree trimming methods/techniques and tree trimming tools. So if a tree is not trimmed properly it could decline, die or become a safety hazard. We also have studied how to safely, properly and precisely trim and prune trees. Tree trimming or pruning is the most common job for Boom sloping Glendale Harare Company and the most delicate task a tree company could undergo. Therefore, each limb removed or not removed changes the growth and look of the tree. Aesthetic pruning can enhance the health and natural form of trees and shrubs to give your entire property an everlasting unique look.

We use common procedures such as crown reduction, thinning and elevating. Pruning is useful for a number of different things, these include:

To increase the health & appearance of your trees
directs more sunlight to your lawn
Removes deadwood/dead branches
Decreases potential liabilities of falling branches
Maintains structural support
Reduces stress on your tree’s support system

By the way, tree pruning can also have a very nice, positive financial effect on the value of your property. It also goes in the other direction if you don’t take good care of your trees, so it’s always important to keep them healthy and looking beautiful. It pays off in the end.

Site Clearance | Tree Stump Removal Cost & Price Guide.

It’s a big mistake to think that the trees on your property can simply endure all by themselves without any type of help from tree felling harare, tree felling belvedere, tree felling chisipite, tree felling borrowdale, tree felling avondale, tree felling prices in hatfield, tree felling madokero, professional tree felling -Zimbabwe & South Africa. Tree felling Westgate and Boom sloping Blufhill in tree felling mablereign offers Tree felling, palm trimming, tree stump removal adylinn, rubbish removal and site clearance and boom sloping Malborough. We provide specialist services in Harare/Zimbabwe and Gauteng/South Africa. For affordable Professional Tree Felling Harare, tree cutters in Zimbabwe call our certified tree removal group today!

Tree felling Harare prices are very affordable prices in all of Harare. Contact Boom sloping Harare North for reasonable tree removal prices. Call us for the best tree felling. Tree Fellers also provide services in Harare East. Tree care Emerald hill, Boom sloping Avondale West harare, Tree Felling Group we are always 10% cheaper than any written quote. We offer services in tree felling Sentosa, tree felling Strathaven, tree felling Monavale, tree felling Kensington, tree felling Milton Park, tree felling in Belgravia, tree felling Avenues, professional tree felling Braeside. We also provide services such as garden recovery, pruning and Tree Felling Group Stump Removal Pretoria/ Stump Grinding Harare, Site Clearing and Boom sloping Hillside; Landscaping services the Area and surrounding Harare province.

The Sooner The Better!

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Tree Felling Harare

If you ignore your trees however, then you’ll very likely regret it sometime in the future once you find out that your trees are responsible for knocking down utility lines along with extensive destruction to your roof.
To prevent this and tell your tree how it is supposed to grow, you should have a tree removal Harare Company, boom sloping Harare or tree care Pretoria company carry out tree pruning or Boom sloping harare Company take care of the tree while the tree is still comparatively young. If you have specific growth boundaries set then it will also be in your best interest to have this same tree felling group Service Company come in and perform tree trimming or pruning, tree removal harare as well.

Free quotes – CALL 07 74 762 559 for any affordable tree cutters in Harare East, providing residential and commercial tree removals. Get a free estimate – call now!

Tree Felling Chisipite provide premier tree removal the Grange, tree care Borrowdale Brook, Hogarty Hill, tree pruning, deadwood removal.  Land clearance, tree felling Pomona, boom sloping Greystone Park. Also in Harare South, Harare East, boom sloping Arundel and tree stump removal services to homes and businesses. What sets us apart from our competition would have to be our pricing and reliability. We are miles away from other tree service companies in terms of these factors. Our tree technicians are fully licensed, insured and bonded. So although we provide our own custom service, we adhere to the strictest tree service industry standards.

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Get an accurate tree removal cost calculation from the best Tree Felling business in Harare. From root removal, branch removal to the removing of entire trees.

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Tree felling Group is a reliable Tree Felling company in Harare, Norton and Mnt Hampden. Trees are an important part of our eco-system but sometimes they have to be cut down to pave way.

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  • Chisipite.
  • Avondale.
  • Westgate (including Blufhill, Sunridge, Avonlea, Adylinn, Eastlea)

Our team of professionals pride themselves on their ability to work together to bring the tree down without causing damage to your property. Hire us for residential tree removal, call or mail us: 077 476 2559

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