Tree Felling Harare

Harare Tree Felling

Are you looking for a tree felling harare company in the Harare? Trust us, we always do everything and anything we can if you would like to avoid removing them.

Large tree limbs and branches are removed most of the time. Because they have been compromised as a result of age, decay, disease and are in serious danger of collapsing. If we encounter trees that have other options available to them such as trimming, pruning-shaping, we will gladly avoid removals.

But in cases where trees do require removal. We are pros with many years of experience and we do removals quickly, safely, and without error. In our many years of operating, Tree Felling Group has removed any size tree you could imagine! Fear not, if there’s any tree felling harare to be done, we’ll gladly be able to handle it.

Tree Removal Harare

When you need a Harare tree company to come inspect your trees we are there to help.

Cutting trees and removing trees from your property is serious work. Should always be left to a reputable local tree company, like Tree Cutting Harare. Tree experts will make sure that the tree is safely cut, and that all branches and debris is removed.

If you think you are in need of tree removal service please give us a call. We will come out to your property and provide a free inspection and estimate if needed. Taking chances when it comes to a tree potentially falling is never a good idea. It can put person and property at great risk.

Give us a call now and we will make sure your property and those that live around you remain safe.

We are your Harare tree removal company!

Efficient, Cost-Effective Tree Felling Harare

Our usual preference is to try and save your trees, but preservation isn’t always the healthiest or most cost-effective option. If we believe a tree removal has become absolutely necessary in order to maintain the integrity of your land, we will act.

Our up-to-date equipment and extensive experience enable us to remove any tree quickly and cleanly—across Harare and the whole region.

Scientific Techniques:

Our Arborists can also help you to decide if the tree/trees in question are in fact candidates for removal. Advancements in tree science have helped us develop certain techniques which can mitigate hazards and reduce the likelihood of unwanted invasion from branches and or root systems on buildings, pathways, foundations and electrical connections.

No Job Too Big:

Sometimes however the tree is too dangerous and no other option presents itself than removal. Be assured that at Tree Felling Group Harare we are more than capable of tackling all sizes and difficulty levels. No Tree/trees pose too big a problem.


Sometimes a tree survives a storm without serious damages, or without noticeable serious damages but it might be weakened and risk of not surviving another strong storm.

Tree Felling Harare offers 24/7 emergency tree services in Harare. That will make sure your tree is in a good condition and strong enough to withhold a potentially strong storm. Therefore, safe for your property and any goods and structures on it. We can inspect your tree after a storm. If there are signs or concerns that it might be damaged. we give advice if the tree should be removed or have some weakened branches to be removed. We can tell if a trim would be enough to help the tree completely recover, or if there should be no concerns about its strength and health.

Most damages caused by trees can be avoided. So contact our professional staff for our emergency tree services that will help prevent any possible unexpected problems.

Our emergency tree services are available to all customers all surrounding area. We can be contacted 24/7.

For urgent out of hours assistance, please contact +263 77 476 2559


 Do you charge for your quote and advice?

No. All quotes are free.

2. Can you provide quote over the phone?

To enable us to provide you with an accurate price and to determine the scope of work, it is essential that we visit the site. All quotes are free.

Do you remove all wood / branches from the site?

Unless otherwise specified wood will be cut into 2.5m-5m lengths and not split. It will be left at the base of the tree or on the nature strip in a neat and tidy condition. Branches and debris will be taken away unless you request to keep it

 How and when can I pay?

Payments can be made by one of the following payment modes below-
Bank Transfer.
Cash (To be paid in person).
Payment is due for 7 days from date of completed tree works and landscaping.

Do you accept timber as payment?


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